Southside Beekeepers Club Inc is adjusting it's annual membership renewal date to match the CALENDAR year - January to December.

All new membership payments made from or just prior to January 1st 2020 will be a standard 12 month Membership valid until December 31st 2020.

If you require further clarification on this please visit our contact page and send a message to our Membership Manager and they will be able to explain it further.



Membership of Southside Beekeepers Club

Southside Beekeepers Club has now moved to a Calendar Year for the membership.  Starting from January 1st 2020 the membership fees will be as follows.

Members are able to attend monthly meetings, borrow resources from the club library, hire club equipment such as extractors and access club courses and events.

For more information please read our Terms and Conditions


Types of Membership

Single:    For individuals wishing to join the Southside Beekeepers Club Inc

Family:    For 2 Adults and any children under 16 years of age wishing to join the Southside Beekeepers Club Inc

(New) Junior:    Our newly introduced Junior Membership is available for children / students up to 16 years of age.  You will be able to become an associate member of the club and are invited to attend any events that Southside Beekeepers Club is hosting.  This membership is perfect for the young enthusiastic beekeeper that wants to get more involved in beekeeping.   Each junior will receive a Junior Membership Card  and will receive our monthly newsletter via email.  We will keep them informed if different activities we are planning through out the year.   Please refer to our Terms and conditions for more information of Junior Memberships.


How to Join

To join you need to complete the Membership Form.

Secure Payments can be made online via Credit Card or PayPal.

Completed membership will receive a confirmation email.


Renewal of Membership

To renew your membership you need to complete the Membership Form. Click on Current Member

All membership renewals are now done on line. No more paper forms! Membership needs to be renewed every year, this can be done currently on line from July to September.

Secure Payments can be made online via Credit Card, PayPal, or you can pay at a monthly meeting (after you have completed the form online)


Membership Fees  (Jan 1st to 31 Dec)

  • Single Membership - $40
  • Family/Double Membership - $60
  • New Single Membership - $60 ($40+$20 joining fee)
  • New Family/Double Membership - $80 ($60+$20 joining fee)
  • Junior Membership (16yrs and under) - $20 (no joining fee required )

Any new members wishing to join from 1st August to 1st December of the calendar year, can apply for a 6 month Membership. The fee is $40 for a single or $60 for a Double/Family (Both Include the $20 joining fee)

This discounted 6 month Membership is available from August and ONLY applies to New Membership Applications (not Junior).

For more information about membership please contact the Treasurer via the Contact Us Page