Club Meeting: 23rd MAY

3. This month we have the pleasure of listening to Rob Waddell from Grand Ridge Plants - near Warragul - who specialize in Manuka Plants. The Peninsula and Gippsland have many species of Leptospermun (Ti Tree-Jellybush) that have surprising qualities. I have been to Landcare days where Rob has spoken, (and without stealing his thunder), look forward to some interesting facts and applications of "Manuka" Honey. Those of you who have harvested honey from these areas will have noticed the thick honey with a darker colour, that is more difficult to extract. Rob will be bringing along some of these species to purchase, which are relatively easy and quick to grow.

1. As part of the new format, buy your raffle tickets prior to the start of meeting from Jan and Marg, as the winning tickets will be announced straight after the speaker. 

2. Initially, Ian Brown will be giving a quick appraisal of what is happening in your hives at the moment and "wintering" your hives in preparation of the colder months ahead.

4. Daf (me) will be asking for some volunteers to help lighten the load on several members of the committee that are under the pump. Remember we have gone from a membership of less than 100 in 2015 to the amazing 260 members, which grows weekly and this needs your help, as most of the club membership is under 2 years.

Hopefully I will be able to announce some new initiatives in regards to "swarms" this year. If you are a new member, preferably without bees, you will need to attend one of the next 3 meetings to express you interest in person and fill in a swarm request form. We are also in need of "Collectors" and those who would like to learn and gain experience in catching these little buzzers in the swarms season - 1 Sept to 31 Dec 2018 . I am also compiling a list of Experienced Collectors and tradies for "FERAL" hives.

The club has decided to change the membership to a Calendar year. As a result when you rejoin this year online in July 2018, your membership will go for 1 1/2 years - up until the 31 December 2019 for the $60. Thereafter it will be a Calendar year starting from the 1 Jan 2020 to 31 December 2020. A brilliant, but obvious improvement!

The following meetings will be on the 27 June and the 25 July will be the Annual General meeting and Theme night followed by the Trade night on 22 August. Further details will be displayed closer to the date. Remember you will need to be a financial member on the Trade night, as these "special" deals are for members only.

5. Jerome will update you on the bee suits that have been arranged directly with an overseas supplier. The committee has made several improvements on current designs and we expect these suits to be far superior from current ones available, at a greatly reduced cost. In June and July make sure you attend a meeting and try on these new suits to ascertain sizes, as we will be making a bulk order prior to the Trade Night on 22 August

6. We then have Supper, as the tables are arranged to provide for smaller Zone groups to meet and discuss any Bee related questions. Thank you to those who assist this process and the Zone Facilitators who help this occur. Ian and Carol buzz around the groups to assist on the sticky questions.

Daf- CHRIS DAFFY Membership Services.