History of the Southside Beekeepers Club

The hard working committee

Southside Beekeepers Club is a not for profit hobby beekeepers club focused on imparting knowledge and education to its members.

The Club was founded in 2000 by Finian Burns with a small group of beekeepers. There was a need for a beekeeper club to service some of our more southern suburbs. Accordingly, Finian placed a notice in the local papers inviting interested people to come and "join in" and the result was that they were able to form Southside Beekeepers. Ian Brown, now a life member, joined the club one year later. Ian worked with Finian Burns to help to make the Club grow, 2 years later Finian Burns died of cancer but the Club is still working with some of his papers and notes today.

Members such as past President Kate Robinson 2002, with Secretary Carole Scholes 2003, then later President David Scholes 2007 joined in and took over the reins with the assistance of other members. They oversaw the first committee elections and club meetings at Dingley Village. Starting beginners classes in 2009. The Club moved to Frankston in 2012. New committee, new venue and meetings commenced in 2013, with a more friendly club outlook that formed the current club structure.

Our club currently has a committee of 9 dedicated members and over 2016-17 we have over 200 club members, mainly from south of Melbourne and Mornington Peninsula area's. All interested beekeepers are welcome to come to our meetings. If you have a membership query please contact our Treasurer, Chris Gerraty or Secretary Karen De Jong for further Club information. You can email us or contact the Club through our facebook page. Otherwise see one of the committee. (contact email addresses are in the Menu under "Club Officers and Committee" on the right hand side). As we don't have a office for day to day things please use our club Phone 0413-104-1910. As help is but a phone call away.

We meet on the Fourth Wednesday of the month (except December), setting up the hall from 6.30pm, all help is greatfully accepted. New Member Registrations begin from 7:00pm. Our meetings start at 7:30pm sharp. We meet at Leawarra House, also known as the Elderly Citizens Club Rooms at 200 Beach Street Frankston. Yes the hall has a day job, finding us with Melway 102 H3. There is more parking opposite next to the supermarket.


Since the move to Frankston the aims of our club have been to share the fun of beekeeping and knowledge and education for the amateur home beekeeper. In 2005 our Nuc building course was run by Steven Brown then in 2008 with Tim Fagen till 2015 now Jerome Nehrybecki is co-ordinating this course and he does a great job. In 2010 we ran a "Introduction to Beekeeping Course", then it was a one day course that needed a lot of work to put it together. So at the start of 2016, a new more innovative Beekeeping Course was presented to the participants, putting education into practise as we were able to open hives and let students see how a hive works in the field. Now the course is run over 2 days, in the last year we have held 7 courses with 12 students at a time. The classes are now run by David Mison who joined the club in 2009-10, and Lindsay Wilson a member in 2001-2, Vice President 2013 with the help of Marg Knee, who joined the club in 2011. We update the course on a regular basis, so it is always evolving with new and updated material.

Each month at our Club meeting, we have guest speakers covering many different subjects. We have a segment called "What's happening in your hives now" so that members know what their bees will be doing in the month ahead. We run a supper each mouth and Korina McClelland joined the 2015 and looking after our needs from 2016 top job done. At the start of this year one of our Committee Members, Barry McClelland, built a Top Bar hive, he is the only one of our members who has one, so we will watch with interest. Barry and some helpers will build one for the Club soon, so we can see first hand how they work. The Club also owns 2 flow hives, one that is kept empty for education and one that is working.

Membership fees are only $40 single or $60 family membership. Initial Joining Fee is $10.
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