Interactive Beekeeping Course

Interactive Beekeeping Course

Interactive Beekeeping Course

Sunday November 26th and Sunday December 3rd

This interactive beekeeping course is a 2 day course, and runs from 9:30am to 4pm on two adjacent Sundays. It is held in the visitors centre at The Briars, Mt Martha. Each day has about 4 hrs theory and 2 hrs practice working the club hives at The Briars.

Part 1: First Sunday Approx. 3 hours theory and ongoing Q&A within the session. Morning Tea and we stop for lunch. Then a practical session in our hives weather permitting. Finishing with a further theory session and ending the day at 4pm.

Part 2: Second Sunday A four hour theory session including a break for morning tea and lunch and if needed a further session in the hives. Sometimes we have to move the theory sessions to suit the weather.

This theory and practical course covers all aspects of hobby beekeeping and is a MUST for anyone that wants to learn more about keeping bees and becoming a better beekeeper. This is not just a slide-show overview, it’s also a practical hands-on course. Not only will you have the instructors, there are often other experienced club members on hand, so the knowledge base is always very high.

For the practical part of the course you will need to wear solid footwear (sting proof) that at least covers up past you ankles eg: leather boots, gumboots, and bring your bee suit and gloves, if you don't have a bee suit and gloves, please contact us (see below) and we will arrange some for you.

The course runs from 9:30am to 4pm with light refreshments provided. You will need to bring your own lunch for your lunch break. After this course you'll be more confident and better prepared to enjoy your next stage of hobby beekeeping.


Our courses are open to all, but due to the requirements of our insurance policy, all participants of our courses must be current financial members of Southside Beekeepers Club. If you are not a member of SSBK we ask you to sign up as member before you book into our courses. Membership offers many benefits in ongoing support and knowledge in your beekeeping.

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By the end of this course You will have learned about....

  • Hive components
  • Types of hives and hive parts
  • Beekeeping tools of trade
  • Safety and protection
  • Bee handling
  • Disease detection and prevention
  • The Bee Life Cycle
  • Types of bees in the hive - Queen, Drones, Workers, Foragers, House bees, etc
  • Collecting honey, extraction, etc.
  • Legal requirements
  • and much much more


Club Members and Experienced Beekeepers:

David Mison & Lindsay Wilson
For more information phone David via the website Contact Form


The Briars Homestead
Mt Martha.
(Melway 145 d11)
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Time: 9:30am sharp ~ 4:00pm

Course Properties

Course Date 26 Nov, 2017
Course End Date 03 Dec, 2017
Registration Start Date 25 Oct, 2017
Capacity 11
Registered 6
Available place 5
Cut off date 21 Nov, 2017
Individual Price Members: $140
$140.00 5