Beekeeper, Beekeeping Ahead !!!

Do you need to know How, What or When to do it ???

 Join a Bee Club, you will find that it's also fun.


Southside Beekeepers Club meets on the

Fourth Wednesday of each month.

Hall Setup From 6:30pm - Helps Always Welcome 

Membership Registration From 7:00pm - Meeting Starts 7:30pm Sharp. 

Leawarra House (Frankston Elderly Citizens Club, Yes the hall has a day job) 200 Beach Street, Frankston. Vic.

(Melway 102 H3 so you don't get lost)  Phone 0413-104-191.


I Admire People Who Have Taken Up Beekeeping

At this time of the year it is good to see people that have foresight and are able to plan ahead and think of what they might need for the upcoming season. Is this your first season of beekeeping? It’s time to make/buy equipment, so you are able be prepared to go out and collect or be given a swarm. What will you put it in? Will you make a split?  

The first thing you need is a Nuc. (What's a Nuc? that's in the menu tab at the top of this page). If you have bees you may like to go to a double brood box, or make a hive bigger with spare honey boxes and frames. The bee keeping suppliers run out of stock each and every year, so now is a great time to make a list of the supplies you will need.

Basic Equipment:  What do you use or need? Bee tools: American or J-Tool? What’s the difference? Which ones are easier for you to use? Bee Jacket or a full bee suit? You might like to go with just a bee hat? (Not for me !) The vented hive floor, why do you need one if you already have flat hive floors ? How come we need to vent the floor anyway? We in Australia use a hive mat under the lid, but it’s now time to reassess and move to making and using top boards instead, as we now have a pest called small hive beetle. 

Do you buy an 8 frame super or a 10 frame? If you decide to go with the 10 frame hive, is it going to be too heavy for you to lift if it’s full of honey? Will you purchase ideal supers so that it’s easier to use and to work them? What do other beekeepers use and why? Do you let your bees naturally draw-out their own wax comb or put foundation into the frames to help them along a bit? What size foundation do you use or will you go to a smaller cell size? This will be covered at our June club meeting. Something to look forward to :)

Most new members joining the Club in the spring will be interested in participating in the Club’s Nuc building course on Wednesday 5thJuly 2017. Our "Introduction Beekeeping Course" starts back on 20thAugust. It's always being updated and improved on.

There is so much to learn and know about. Every beekeeper does things just a bit differently. It’s good to be able to talk to other beekeepers. That’s why you joined a Bee Club, so that you can get together with other beekeepers, to chat and share knowledge.  In the computer world its called "networking".  At our club its called sharing information on anything to do with the our bee's.

Food for thought,

Lindsay Wilson V.P.


We have closed down our course for winter because we believe that working our beehives is an important part of our course and the girls don't like to be chilled !! Next course start on 20th August 2017 and the Nucleus Box Building Course is to be held on Wednesday 5th July 2017.  If you would like to come along, please book and pay online.

Old & New Beekeepers Alike, Do Our New and Improved

Introduction to Beekeeping Course. 

Also Our

 Nucleus Box Building Course. 

Our courses will give you all (not just beginner's) the know how you need to start your new hobby or refine/refresh your knowledge and skills. Our class sizes are small and hands-on, so be prepared - You'll need your safety equipment - Bee suit & gloves, your smoker, hive tool and not forgetting eagerness to learn :)  Click the links above for more information, next scheduled course dates and an online registration form for you to fill in to book.

All courses are run on "participants paid for in full" and a completed registration form need to be filled in and sent to the Treasurer.   1st in best dressed.  Be quick, spots fill fast...All past courses have been booked out weeks prior to the course beginning !!

Memberships, Event Payments & any Donations can be directly deposited into the club account. VISA/MasterCard & EFTPOS are accepted at Monthly Meetings. Details are located on the Contact & Membership page.


By Joining Our Club We Can Help You With All This.

Beeswax. Nectar Flow. Wax Moth. Propolis. Honey Harvesting. Pesticide Death. Pollination. Feeding a Hive. What does it Cost? Life Span. Local & State Government Regulations. Hive Placement. Opening Hives. Goodwill to Neighbours. Italian Bee's (Apis Millifera Ligustia). Bees Senses-Feeling-Seeing-Hearing-Smell & Taste. Fire Regulations. Black Russian Carniolan Bee (Apis Millifera Carnica). Wasps. Ants. Round & Tail/Wagg Dance, Cleaning, Joy Dances. Guard Bees. Swarms. Re-Queening. Benton Cages. Native Bee's. Bait Hives. Scout Bee's. Skips. Allergies. Sting Prevention. Laying Workers. Drawing Foundation. Feeders. Caucasian Bee (Apis Millifera Caucaica). Uncapping. Cleaning & Play Flights. Hive Inspections & What to look for? Burr Comb. Clustering. Bee Bread. Wintering Hives. Grafting. Switching Hive Bodies. Bees & Hive Space. Robber Bees. Disease & Pests. Creamed Honey. Drumming. Spring-Summer-Autumn Honeys. Moving Hive's. Bee Fanning. Extracting. Bee Candy. Capped Comb. Spring Management. Unripe Honey. Bee Blowers. Uncapping Knife. Buying Bee's. Nucleus Hive (NUC). Water Sources. Balling. House Bee's. Drifting. Honeys. Filter/Strainer. Fondant. Supercedure. Pheromones. Meade. Queen Rearing. Candle Making. Polish-Soaps-Creams. Feral Bee's. Field Bee's. Beekeeping History. Joining Colonies. Honeycomb. Warming Cabinet. Bottling. Solar Wax Extractors. Hive Registration. Small Hive Beatle. Smokers. Perfume & Preparation Smells. Sugar Shake Program. Need for Permanent Water. Honeydew. Foraging Bee's. Honey Storage. Flowhive-Fixes. Top Box Bee Hives. Blue Bee Base's. Apiary. Crystallized Honey.

And so much more.

We have a lending library with hundreds of Books, DVD's, honey extractor's and wiring jigs for our members to borrow.

 Langstroth Hives - Parts & Tools.

Hive Stands. Base Board. Roof/Lid, Deep Super. Ideal Super. Brood Box. Frames. Queen Excluder. Wax Foundation, Plastic Foundation. Flowhive. Smokers. Hive Tools. Bee Suit. Ankle Spats. Gloves. Frame Rest. Frame Grip. Boots. Bee Brush. Hive Strap. Hive Clamps/Locks. Hive Mat. Clearance Boards. Escape Board. Pollen Trap. Queen Marking.

We hope that we have inspired you to Join Our Club.